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Stella's songs are inspired by a deep love of nature, birds, everyday miracles and the sacredness of all life.

She has been a singer-songwriter and musician since 1994, recording, performing and touring the festival circuit with various bands including folk band The Spacegoats and Brighton Swing band Rockin' in Rhythm plus her own Jazz trio, Stella by Starlight.

Stella has been trained as a Classical Soprano and have also performed for many years with Lewes Sings Gospel Choir (Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year winners 2015!). 

She is currently working on her third album in 2018 and looks forward to sharing it with you soon.



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"A captivating and enchanting Debut album of beautiful songs from a gifted singer songwriter. Stella's sublime voice weaves itself gracefully into her honest and heartfelt lyrics. Using a blend of acoustic guitars, harp, fiddle, cello, recorders and percussion, these uplifting melodies are a real treat" Amazon

Ordinary Day is a beautifully presented, digitally mastered CD featuring 11 original songs by Stella Homewood. The FSC certified card case folds out three ways and features the beautiful artwork of Catriona Miller (cover), Louise Fordham and Stella Homewood. ( £10 + P&P )

A journey into a magical world of wild nature, birds and forests. This beautifully woven acoustic album will uplift and inspire your imagination and ignite a passion and reverence for Life. In this second album, Stella's clear and melodious vocals beautifully support her poetic and loving lyrics. The range of instrumentation includes Acoustic Guitar, Harp, Violin, Cello, Piano, Saz, Bouzouki, Recorders, Percussion, Bodhran, Glockenspiel and Sitar. This is truly music to enliven your soul” CD Baby

The Wild Places is a beautifully presented, digitally mastered CD featuring 10 original songs by Stella Homewood. The casing is printed on FSC certified card and features evocative and nature inspired art by Jeanie Tomanek (cover) and Catherine Hyde. ( £10 + P&P )


Also available on MP3 and CD at iTunes and Amazon.





The Wild Places - 2014


Stella Homewood - Vocals,Guitar, Harp, Recorders, Rebola drum (tracks 1,6,7,8) Pixiephone, Glockenspiels, Percussion
Zeggie Spacegoat - Fretless Bass, Bouzouki, 12 String & Acoustic Guitars, Sitar, Bodhran
Lee Westwood - Acoustic Guitar (track1) Hammered Dulcimer (tracks 3,8)
Martha Rowsell - Violin (tracks 5,8,9)
Fiddes Smith - Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele ( track 2)
Rachel Firmager - Cello
Alvaro Hurtado - Drums (track 5)
James Stathatos - Double Bass (track 2)
Chris Steynor - Piano
Matthew Watkins - Saz (track 10)
Masahiro Besho - Tabla Drums (track 4)
Adam Phillips - Violin (track 2)
Jools Owen and Loz Phillips - Drums (track 2)

All Songs Written by Stella Homewood © 2014
Produced by Matt Tweed and Stella Homewood
Mixed by Matt Tweed and Stella Homewood
Recorded at various locations by Matt Tweed, Pondlife Mobile -www.pondlifestudios.com
and also by Simon Walker at The Loophole studios, Brighton -www.theloophole.co.uk
Mastered by Matt Tweed
Tabla Drums recorded by Osamu Kise at Studio Ma-Moon, Osaka, Japan www.ma-moon.net
CD Cover Art 'Mission' by Jeanie Tomanek - www.jeanietomanek.com
Back Cover Art 'Over Deeper Waters' by Catherine Hyde -www.catherinehyde.co.uk
Inside Cover Art - 'The Twilights Song' and 'Earth's Bronzes Cooling' (detail) also by Catherine Hyde
CD Design by Stella Homewood and David Sheppard at Proworx -www.proworx.co.uk


Debut Album - Ordinary Day - 2011


Stella Homewood - Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Recorders, Percussion, Djembe
Richard Osborne - Lead Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Vocal Harmonies
Zeggi Spacegoat - Bass, 12 String Guitar, Bouzouki, Bodhran
Dan Breslaw - Drums
Matthew Watkins- Saz
Nuala Friedman - Fiddle
Scott Smith - Lapsteel guitars, Harmonica
Darren Reynolds - Double Bass
Amy Cox - Cello
Chris Krishmael Cordrey - Hammered Dulcimer

All Songs Written by Stella Homewood© 2011
Produced by Stella Homewood and Matt Tweed
Recorded by The Pondlife Mobile - www.pondlifestudios.com
and at The Loophole Studio, Brighton www.theloophole.co.uk
Mastered by Toby Marks
Engineered by Matt Tweed and Simon Walker
Mixed by Stella Homewood and Matt Tweed
Cover Art, 'Little Wing' by Catriona Millar - www.catrionamillar.com
Back Cover Photography by Sarah Wenban - www.sarahwenban.co.uk
CD Art 'Rooks' by Matt Birch - www.skylarkshop.com
The Ravens Rainbow artwork by Louise Fordham - www.louisefordham.com
All other artwork by Stella Homewood
CD Design by Stella Homewood and David Sheppard at Proworx -www.proworx.co.uk