Joy of Singing - Holistic voice and singing workshops for health and happiness!

New workshops coming to Lewes, East Sussex (days & times t.b.c.)


Do you ever sing in secret in the shower or in your car?

Do you wish you had a place to let it all out and release your voice in a safe and unencumbered way but feel quite terrified at the idea?

Then look no further! Joy of Singing workshops are relaxed and informal and are for adults of all ages and abilities. We are not a typical 'choir' so there are no auditions or things to get right or wrong and absolute beginners are very welcome.

We enjoy the many health benefits of Letting Go and Singing by following the simply guided, gentle breath and body exercises to access our unique and individual sound. Some walking / stretching movements are encouraged to allow the voice to naturally emerge in a relaxed and unselfconscious way (though the session can also be taken fully seated if desired). After our warm up we will enjoy some 'call and response' and then some easy to follow songs that invite a sense of Inner Joy, Connection, Well Being and Community in sharing the Joy of Singing with others.

To finish, there will be a period of sitting in mindful stillness whilst reflecting upon the workshop and on our breath and body sensations.

We can often feel afraid of singing or finding our voices and it is quite understandable in this day and age where people seem to be so intent on 'getting things right'. In our workshops there is an understanding that the human voice in itself has a great potential to facilitate self healing and feelings of well being and so there is no judgement as to what actually comes out! To make a sound and actually sing is one of the greatest gifts we have of being human and one of the easiest and most accessible ways to lift our spirits and feel instantly better.

Workshops normally run for around 1 hr 10 mins and are £8 a session.


Stella's Background-

I have been a performing and recording singer-songwriter and musician since 1994.

Over the years I have greatly enjoyed working with singing groups and also individuals in 'Find Your Voice' one to one sessions. I love to facilitate people in freeing up their spoken and singing voice and as a result feel good about themselves. Most of all it is about growing a greater sense of confidence and trust in letting go and being who we really are.

I have developed a natural and easy approach to singing and voice work based upon working with people in a mindful body/breath and intuitive way.

I really love getting people together in singing circles and I also teach Joy of Movement classes - holistic dance/movement for health in Lewes, East Sussex. Please drop me a line via the 'Contact' form to register your interest in upcoming Joy of Singing workshops. I look forward to meeting you soon.





Some Musical Recordings -

As well as writing my own music, I enjoy singing various other styles and genres including Jazz Swing, Country, Classical, Gospel, Pop, Musical Theatre and Spiritual/New Age.

Here are a collection of some songs I have recorded for your enjoyment...


Little Joys of Art

Please enjoy some of my little joys of art. I am adding new images all the time and am currently compiling an online store for the sale of Art Cards. 
Watch this space!